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Case: brushed stainless steel

Diametre: 44 mm

Lugs and crown: finest 18/8 stainless steel

Dial: black with lime green V6 Hybride transfers

Hands: black and lime green chequered super light

Strap: black rubber

Sapphire upper crystal and engraved back

Specific screws in finest stainless steel

Water-resistance 100m

Three-year warranty

Hybride BTY75 movement

An automatic rotor weight winds a micro-alternator which stores energy via a recuperator; this energy powers quartz motor. The movement has six jewels to allow the rotor axes to turn properly. After a full charge the lifespan is around six months.

Build your own bespoke BRM

Choose your case, hands, strap, etc., for a watch that is as unique as you are