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Val de Vienne Circuit

The Val de Vienne circuit is the brainchild of fans of motorsports and of local people looking to develop their area. It opened in 1990 and held its first competition in 1992. SInce then, the major championships have been making a stop in Vienne every year.

This high-speed circuit offers a 3,768m track that is 11.4m wide. It includes several straights and allows drivers to reach high speeds. It is reputed to be one of the most technical circuits in France, and in 2008 it gained the one characteristic that it lacked: a high maximum speed. By joining two straights in order to obtain a continuous acceleration of almost 1,000m, the maximum speed in the GT category reached 270 km/h.

Thus equipped, the Circuit Val de Vienne is now a prime location in the world of motorsports.