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At the 86th Geneva Motor Show, the DS brand and French watchmaker BRM Chronographes were proud to make their partnership public.

Technology, performance and refinement are the watchwords for this high-end partnership which brings together two unique brands, each embodying French luxury and savoir-faire in their respective fields. First fruits of the partnership: the DS 3 Performance BRM Chronographes! 

But the adventure doesn't end there ! 

From the product of craftsmanship worthy of France’s most well-reputed luxury brands, combined with the use of digital tools, the DS E-TENSE was born.

To further improve the refined interior, DS once again called on its watchmaking partner BRM Chronographes, who designed the Records TB, a unique watch which recalls a dashboard, with a case at a 90° angle to allow the wearer to see the time while driving. A veritable distillation of technology, the Records TB breaks all the rules too.






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