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Ananda Mikola

Indonesian driver Ananda Mikola started his career in 1993 in karting, a discipline in which he became triple world champion. In 1996, he decided to join Formula Asia, a championship that he won that same year. 

In light of his success in Asia, he turned his attention to Europe, where he took part in the Italian Formula 3 championship. In 1998, he won points in all races, and took three podium finishes, to finish fifth in the competition. He took his place in history that same year, becoming the youngest Asian driver to step on to the podium in a Formula 3 international race. 

After taking a year out and spending time in the World Series Lights in 2003,where he was sponsored by AC Milan, he spent a brief but brilliant period in Asian F3, with three wins in four races. In 2005, he was taken on as main driver in this championship, and won the title. 

As an internationally-experienced Indonesian driver, Ananda Mikola was selected for the A1 Grand Prix of Nations, the "World Cup Of Motorsport" in 2005 and 2006. 
In 2006, he also took part in the Formula Renault V6, and finished the season in third place. 

In 2008, he joined the all new Asian Speed car Series championship, and finished eighth in the general classification, taking pole position and a podium finish in Jakarta, in his home country. 

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